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''Sharlene is a wonderful and energetic professional who goes out of her way to assist her patients.
Her hands-on approach in detecting the patterns and sources of a patient´s challenges and struggles, while helping them address and overcome them without necessarily relying in prescribing heavy medication, defines how unique her practice is and something that one does not find anywhere else that easily. Sharlene shows great dedication and care for her patients, always supportive, close and keen on providing great tools and knowledge sources, to help guide their journey within. I definitely recommend Sharlene´s services, as she was and still is someone I consider to have played a crucial role in my growth as an individual'' - Jessica S.

''Without a doubt One of the Best psychologists not only around Maputo but Mozambique overall... Interacts very well with her patients and has a whole bag of mental tools to help uncover the source of the problem, and gives an array of the best solutions possible and tailors the best set for each individual... Definitely an Amazing experience... Fully recommend..'' Edy C.

''I have been seeing Sharlene for almost three years now, and my experience with her has been nothing short of amazing. She has been there for me every step of the way, giving me guidance, reassurance, support and encouragement to help me overcome my difficulties and anxieties. She will always offer a shoulder to lean on and an open mind to understand things from your point of view. She has helped me so much over the years, and has changed the way I view and handle difficult situations and thoughts that affect me negatively. I have her to thank for my well being.'' - Amaya W.

''Sharlene’s positive and friendly attitude creates a safe environment where you are able to share your thoughts and feelings. The questions she does and the homework she gives are perfect if you’re on a quest of trying to find answers within yourself.'' - Irina S.

''I had the pleasure of meeting Sharlene 4 months and highly recommend her as she such vast knowledge and experience with helping people. Her lovely personality and holistic approach makes working with her so much easier and you definitely get the results you are looking for.'' Prithee Naido

''Sharlene is exceptional at what she does. I was a former client and she was so supportive and essential in my journey to reach a more positive state of mind.'' P.N.

''Sharlene is a psychologist that gets her patients, she is a friend. She helped and continues helping me so much. Great professional, passionate, dedicated and determined.'' Khataza

''I like to call her “Doc”, but she is more a professional of the human heart than anything else. One always expects psychologists to be older, seasoned by the inevitable wisdom that only time brings, but watch out for this one; I will make sure to keep her close for years to come.'' - Bruno C.

''Sharlene is a very empathetic person but she also tells the truth. She has helped me a lot to see the truths I don't want to admit about my own excuses.'' - Mireille V.

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