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Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees they will take care of your business.” Richard Branson

Enhanced Solutions Consulting is an organization which was created in 2012, and its main focus is on the success of your business. Our goal is to decrease staff turnover, identify talent and create a more efficient and productive organization that meets your needs. We enable organizations to recruit, retain and develop their staff by the use of assessment tools which are valid, reliable and free of bias. Interviewing alone is not a strong predictor of the success in hiring an individual, but if combined with psychometric testing we can ensure that the candidate not only has the necessary skills but also has the fit personality and capability to perform the job as expected. We have identified your needs and we have come to the market in order to assist you to build a strong team and avoid any possible disappointments. We work with some of the largest global providers of people assessment tools, namely Thomas International and Cognadev, and we are here to help you identify potential and strengthen relationships within the company through the use of our psychometric tests used worldwide.

We provide businesses with the missing puzzle for success by the use of the following assessment tools:


1. Personal Profile Analysis

Thomas International Product

Use the PPA to:

  •  Recruit the right person
  • Improve communication
  • Motivate and engage staff
  • Identify areas for development
  • Manage performance

The PPA is a fantastic tool which provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximize your learning and development budget and to understand where to boost morale to avoid staff turnover.

How will it help your business?

The PPA can be used to solve a whole range of people issues in business:

Recruitment: selecting people for jobs, whether they are external or internal candidates. Assessments can be used to create an initial short-list (known as sifting), to decide on interview questions or to have a clear and overall view of the individual.

Retention: PPA can help manage tailor training programs and ensure people are in the right field. Allowing staff to feel valued in a positive work environment and are therefore, less likely to leave.

Training: assessments can identify strengths and limitations, pinpoint training needs and be used to evaluate the success of training courses.

Development: this covers a huge area, from individual to organizational development. PPA can be used as a platform to coach employees struggling with certain aspects of their job, put together high performance project teams, assist with change management or survey potential issues within a team, department or company.          


2. Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

Cognadev Product

The CPP is an advanced computerised assessment technique which externalises and tracks thinking processes to indicate a person’s cognitive preferences and capabilities. Based on this information, a suitable work environment, the learning potential and developmental needs of the person can be identified.


The advantages of using the CPP include:

  • Unique methodology – evaluates dynamic thinking processes as opposed to right-wrong answers
  • Automated and web-enabled
  • A sound theoretical foundation
  • The convergent and discriminant / construct validity of the theoretical model
  • Cross-cultural application
  • An indication of both current functioning as well as learning potential
  • Clear diagnostic indications for placement and development purposes
  • Accommodates for a variety of stylistic preferences
  • The results are integrated with developmental guidelines
  • The test-taker works at their own level of cognitive complexity
  • It allows detailed and interactive measurement of thinking processes


3. Learning Orientation Index (LOI)

Cognadev Product

The LOI is a computerised “game” measuring the information processing preferences and skills of school and university leavers for purposes of career guidance, further education, development, selection and talent management.


The LOI Report has been developed to validly and reliably reflect the following aspects of an individual’s cognitive and learning orientation:

  • the level of complexity an individual prefers to work at
  • cognitive styles and modes of information processing a most suitable study- and work environment
  • information processing competencies
  • internalised metacognitive criteria
  • learning potential
  • personal strengths and weaknesses in thinking

The LOI aims to provide optimal direction to recruiters, academic institutions and test subjects regarding the most suitable study fields, work environments as well as developmental initiatives for school and university leavers.


The Value we can bring to your business?

Sharlene’s extensive knowledge and experience in therapy, psychometry and management puts her in a great position to help businesses in the recruitment process, improve relationships and communication within the company which in turn leads to increased productivity.  She can provide coaching, unveil hidden potential within the company by making sure that people are placed in the ideal positions based on their personality, skills, knowledge and potential. She had also been trained to help professionals overcome different forms of anxiety such as public speaking, presentations anxiety, confidence issues, phobias, procrastination to mention a few. Confidence plays a major role in the work environment as people that are less confident tend to speak less, avoid sharing knowledge and making decisions due to fear of failure and rejection. Increased confidence on the other hand, leads to more productivity, increases the chances of being promoted and creates a win-win situation with a multitude of benefits for the company and its people.

Sharlene fully believes that the employees come first, because if you take care of your employees they will inevitably take care of your business and clients. She believes in building a work environment in which every potential is used to the fullest. The opposite usually leads to frustration and consequently underperformance.

Reach out to me for more information on the value we can bring to your business.



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