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Our Purpose in Life

Over the years I found that a great majority of people are deeply concerned about finding their Purpose in Life.
It is very important that we are able to understand  the difference between Life and Existence.
To exist means to occupy space, which means that it’s not possible that two things occupy the same space at the same time. A book on the shelf occupies its own space just like we cannot have two thoughts at the same time.
So existence simply means occupying its own space which can be a tangible one as the book on the shelf or it can be mental or emotional space.
When it comes to living beings – this also includes the demands that come with existence. A human being needs to eat, drink, protect himself and must have a roof over their head. Many demands indeed and once these conditions are met he can still continue to take up space.
Everything that exists has Life!!!
Life means – the contribution that you make by existing – life makes no demands, there are no conditions to living. Meaning that regardless of the nature of your existence – It is what you do and what you contribute to the world that makes your existence.
When it comes to human beings – there are times that existing and living are in conflict. When I have this huge room or an auditorium all to myself it may appear good for my existence but not to my life! Talking to an empty room is not a life, so when the room fills up with people my existence is diminished but my Life is enhanced. I have someone to talk to.
Anytime there is a conflict between existence and living, give up the existence and choose Life.
Existence comes in many flavours, there are people with a magnificent existence, they have any need that existence demands, they have a place of their own, and they have food, drinks, safety, support system, they have love, they have it all. On another note there are other people that their existence is meagre.
Life, comes only in one flavour – sacred. You cannot ruin life just like salt can’t go bad. When we are alive our existence takes care of itself. During the pandemic, it is not unusual to find that a handful of people get sick but many doctors do not get sick, skip meals countless times, stay up all night – as most say: ‘’Superwoman’’ or ''Superman'' right?
The thing is, when our contribution is so urgent, so real – we are fully alive. Then our existence does not become demanding. By being focused on life, and on what we are needed for, our own needs start to fade – we not so needy.
So here is the distinction – existence is needs, needs mean you are needy. A relationship with God is life. Because when you can serve, make a difference in God’s world, promote his purpose in creation which is to bring the world to its perfection- now you are doing what you are needed for.
Would you rather be needed or needy?
I have come to the realisation that many of us rather prefer to be needed than to be loved. When we know we are needed we can do without pretty much everything else.
We were all created with a purpose ! Each of us is individually unique, a masterpiece and we have all been given a GIFT that shall allow us to have an impact on those around us effortlessly.
We were created to serve, and we are partners in creation.
All I need to know is:
How can I be of Help?
 – That is LIFE and everything else its existence!

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