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Mental Health Fundraiser

Did you know that Mozambique is the country with one of the highest suicide rates in Africa? Did you know Mozambique has equally been rated as the 7th poorest country in the world combined with substantially low literacy levels?

In 2020, we had decided to conduct a survey in Maputo, to understand the success rate of the students who studied Psychology in Mozambique and what path they had taken. I found that a large majority of the people are indeed unemployed and do not appear to have the necessary knowledge to start practicing in the field nor the funds to get the necessary training that would allow them to move forward which leads to great frustration – potential that is not being utilized.

On a different note, the average Mozambican which entails a large majority of the population cannot afford in any way to have access to Mental Health services and therefore these essential services are indeed a luxury.

Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It has a strong impact on how we handle stressfull times, how we relate to others, and make choices. Mental Health is highly important at every stage in our lives and has been increasingly crucial during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a service that is needed and therefore it is important that it is available for everyone – regardless of their financial circumstances.

Over the past years, we have observed that people are increasingly aware about the importance of mental health; the recorded stats show a significant rise on the search engine regarding mental health services combined with a high influx of enquiries due to higher concerns regarding one's their mental well-being and loved ones too.

The great abrupt changes accompanied by the Covid-19 pandemic had led to a significant rise of Depression. Generalized Anxiety. Substance Abuse. Domestic Violence. Financial Stress. Relationships Conflicts. Separations. Fear. Grief. Isolation. Lack of Motivation. Suicidal Ideation. Anger Bursts. The impacts are intense and it appears that it may last longer than the virus itself.

As an organization, our aim is to give the opportunity to the potential students who experience financial difficulties to learn, provide them with specialized training and ethics, the necessary training material, guide them through and provide supervision that will equip them to offer 24 hour first line emergency helpline combined with counselling services for the community. I often wonder if over the past years we had a free crisis helpline that everyone had equal access to call at any time when in dispair, undergoing a severe panic attack and in need of help:

1) How many suicides could have been prevented?

2) How many impulsive and destructive behaviours could have been prevented if people had the available resources to look for help? 

It is important to acknowledge that during a time of dispair, severe anxiety, panic or anger human beings tend to think less rationally which combined with impulsive behaviours may lead to an undesirable outcome. 

We would like to empower the trainees into achieving their full potential and allow both parties to benefit greatly. By creating a team we shall create more awareness regarding Mental Health with the ultimate goal being: ‘’Mental Health for ALL’’

It is important to eliminate the stigma and misconceptions towards Mental Health and rather promote compassion, help and Human Connection.

The TRUTH is, we CANNOT do this without you. Your donation aims to support our work and allow us to GROW in order to meet the increased demand of people in pain.

The success of our Movement is directly dependant on your support. Please Donate and Help us Making a Difference by expanding our services, creating more awareness and fulfill our dream goal of providing equal access to Mental Health services for every individual in Mozambique. 

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