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Until today I have released:

- On The Road To Enlightenment

- The Secret Letters of a Psychotherapist

- The Golden Therapy: Cognitive Behvioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy 

- The Quest for Truth: Finding the Almighty

The readers have described as exremely helpful and many shared that they have played a strong role on their perception of the world and events and as a result elevated their levels of fullfilment, happiness, awareness and helped them to find deeper meaning in their lives. They stated that they were finally able to perceive things in an enlightening manner.

The books are available at the Mabuko store at Julius Neyere in Maputo and on Amazon, for the hard copy, kindle version and ''The Secret letters of a Psychotherapist'' is available as an audio book too - All the material is readily available on Amazon.

In October 2018, I released ''On the Road to Enlightenment - A Philosophical way of looking at things.'' 

This book, was the first step solid step I had taken to fulfil my dream into becoming a writer. You will be able to learn more about my journey, the wisdom I had learnt from the great Masters of Tibet during my trips by the Himalayas and a multitude of concepts and ideas inspired by Eastern Philosophy. This book will allow you to gain a great understanding and acceptance of life and deep awareness that we only suffer because we take things too seriously.

''In this personal book Sharlene Raston touches all aspects of life - how to look at them, how to deal with them and open pathways to new ideas. As a creative force she inspires you to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.''

- Shirley J. Drost MSc, Journalist



''The Secret Letters of a Psychotherapist'' was released in March 2020.

From the beginning of my career as a full time Psychotherapist and Life Coach I have always made clear that my ultimate goal is to provide access to the life changing tools and knowledge to each and every individual that crosses my path who wish to undergo the therapeutical process of self-transformation but do not know ''how'' nor the ideal path to take. My aim is to provide efficient guidance based on methods that have been proven to be effective through thousands of research papers that shall allow someone to have the tools to become their own therapists.

As a result, I had chosen to write ‘’The Secret Letters of a Psychotherapist’’, inspired by real life stories of which I provides personalized insights and recommendations to a large amount of conditions, states and struggles we face in our daily lives.
This book has been written to the reader in a form of letters, with over 30 letters, with highly privileged information to allow the reader to face their obstacles in an enlightened manner.

I actively share a variety of methods and at times I simply mention a method. In this scenario, the reader is encouraged to look up each of the methods that I have brought up throught the book as well as set time aside to do the recommended exercises in the pace as they continue to read. It is extremely important to understand that the intensity of change is highly determined by the amount of effort someone puts on the task, the amount of time invested to dig slightly deeper into the tools and the focus on the exercises presented. By following the recommendation - change and transformation is guaranteed and therefore as the reader reaches the last page - be prepared to never be the same again. 
Choosing growth without the dedication needed is equivalent to wanting fruits without caring for the tree or without a tree altogether. However, if you do practice the tools and dedicate time for personal growth, growth is inevitable.


’’Sharlene shares a lot of great information which will help many people overcome any struggles they are facing. I highly recommend reading this truly inspirational book if you are looking for life-changing tools to help either yourself or someone you love!’’

- Laura Wilkinson


Be Prepared to say goodbye to the old you as you shall never be the same again ! 

I equally invite you to reach out to me as I would love to hear your reviews and the different ways it brought value into your life. 

Note: All books are EQUALLY available on Amazon as Kindle, Paperback as well as hardcopy. If by any means you are in a country that Amazon does not cover, please simply google it and you shall find other platforms present in your country.

Love and Light 


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